Scramble Everything is a strange little synthesiser: both sound generator (it generates random sequences) and an effects unit, a pitch shifter. 

The scramble suit in ‘Scanner Darkly’ was “an invention of the Bell laboratories, conjured up by accident by an employee named S. A. Powers... Basically, his design consisted of a multifaceted quartz lens hooked up to a million and a half physiognomic fraction-representations of various people: men and women, children, with every variant encoded and then projected outward in all directions equally onto a superthin shroudlike membrane large enough to fit around an average human. In any case, the wearer of a scramble suit was Everyman and in every combination (up to combinations of a million and a half sub-bits) during the course of each hour. Hence, any description of him - or her - was meaningless.”

Scramble Everything is the scramble suit of synthesisers. Whatever source you use on the input, the output will be completely scrambled, human and non-human speech-like sounds. 
The main star of Scramble Everything is the pitch filter effect unit based on robotic voice modulator IC – HT8950 – which can be used either together with the internal random sequencer, or as a standalone effects unit. You can then, following Philip K. Dick, use any input source and scramble the shit out of it. Does the output still contain remains of the original sound? If you want to jump between two realities you can use the special slider that will easily transport you to the other side. Spooky! Can it get more sci-fi? Yes. The filter’s frequency not only can be controlled with the knob, but also with the light. Scramble Everything contains an RGB light source, and its colour sequence (controlled by the internal random sequencer) changes the tone of the filter. The scramble tone then depends on the intensity of each colour (red, green and blue). Additionally Scramble Everything contains three switches for each colour, so you can decide if you want to have smooth or abrupt transitions between the colours. 
You can also control the amount of slide between the steps, switch from staccato to legato and vice-versa, control the pitch of the sequencer and its frequency range.
You can also use the random trigger output to trigger external sound sources.

If you want to know more about scrambled realities, please have a look at the Scramble Reading Pack here:

Scramble Everything runs on either 9 or 12V power supply, 600mA minimum. You can also use a 9V battery. 
It has 5.5mm x 2.1mm power barrel (center negative):

Scramble Everything was designed by Ewa Justka. Some of the conceptual framework of the machine is a result of a collaboration between Ewa Justka and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros.

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